Introducing Mercantile Services.

Mercantile services is one of Australia’s most reputable debt collection agencies with successful outcomes for clients Australia wide.
Commercial/Corporate Debt and Credit Management Specialists Australia Wide in:

  • Debt Recovery
  • Credit Management
  • Instalment Payment Management
  • Process Serving
  • Company and Title Searching
  • Skip Tracing

Prevention to Collection

Our foremost aim at Mercantile Services is to increase company cash flows prior to any legal action taking place.

Mercantile Services will contact debtors by letter, phone, or where necessary, personally. Where the location of the debtor is unknown searches of official records or visits to premises will be made. We always proceed with confidence to a successful conclusion. Most importantly we customise our service to you suit your company’s needs, whether you are small or larger firm.

Mercantile Services works in conjunction with a network of solicitors and reputable agents. Our panel of solicitors specialise in different fields because we understand that businesses and industries are wide ranging. We co-ordinate a service that suits the needs of our clients and that have relevance to your industry.

With our commercial approach to collection of debts, we analyse the account in question and only move forward if we are confident the recovery is attainable. In other words we will not waste time, energy and your money chasing an account that is deemed unrecoverable. In addition, we offer on-going advice to help your company or business with general credit documentation and management.